On this day last year, we were driving in to West Yellowstone ready to soak it all in. Today, I am sitting in our living room, and James is renovating our kitchen. This year looks different, but both are B I G moments and B I G adventures. I have had many questions about what we did on our trip, where we ate, and where we stayed so I thought today would be the perfect day to look back and share about the place that has kept a piece of my heart.

At 4:30am we headed for our flight to Minnesota. Once arrived in Minnesota, we hopped on a connecting flight to Bozeman, Montana. The views of the snowcapped mountain range on the way to Bozeman were INSANE. You better believe I was snapping pictures. 


We arrived at the Bozeman airport, and what do you know-it was THE cutest airport. It was if we stepped in to an oversized, but quaint log cabin. We checked in with our rental car and discussed the most important decision-finding a place to eat. (Bozeman happens to be a college town and I honestly would make another trip out west just to visit this adorable city!) We ended up at Bridger Brewing and it ended up being our FAVORITE place we ate the whole trip!! I ordered Bison pizza and it was delish!! We highly recommend this place.


Our bellies were happy and we headed west. (Yes, you can most definitely fly in closer, BUT the 2 hour road trip was one of my favorite memories-along with the town of Bozeman. You have the opportunities to pull over and just "be." Trust me, you will want to experience this drive.

JUST a part of the drive from Bozeman to Yellowstone!! ^^

JUST a part of the drive from Bozeman to Yellowstone!! ^^


Finally, we made it, and headed straight to the West entrance of the park to cram in as much as we could in the span of 4 (really 3) days. When you first get to the entrance, you pay for a pass. We ended up grabbing a week's pass + The Grand Teton National Park. The park is bigger than you could imagine. It took us a good 45 minutes to get to our first destination...a lot of the times, we would see cars pulled over and knew there was something to see, so we would join in. First stop, Fountain Paint Pots.

Bison poop.

Bison poop.


As you may begin to notice, traveling with James is its own adventure. He adds a spark to each destination that not many can duplicate. ;) Once we left the paint pots, we headed towards Old Faithful.


When we pulled up, we saw a sign that Old Faithful was erupting in 1 minute, so we ran...only to see a couple of spouts in to the air. Discussing where we should head to next, we stayed another 5 minutes, only to see that geyser shoot so far in the air it took our breath away. Absolutely amazing!! "Old faithful was named for the people faithful enough to stick around even after it doesn't erupt exactly every 90min." -deep thoughts by James.


Finally calling it a night, we drove the hour to exit the park, and 5 minutes from the entrance was where we stayed, at The Bar N Ranch. The place couldn't have been more magical. We walked across the lodge where we ate dinner and settled in after a very full DAY ONE.