A beach vacation is ALWAYS something I look forward to. I grew up going to the same beach every Summer. We ate at the same restaurants, listened to the same live music, and always took in the beauty of the candy cane striped lighthouse.

I haven't been to many other beaches that feel like home. Going on our 4th year of marriage, James and I have really loved experiencing new places; the food, the atmosphere, and the adventure is something that feeds our soul. The past 3 years of our beach vacation we have chosen a different spot. This year, we picked Seacrest, Florida.

I had never been to Seacrest Beach, but I REALLY enjoy researching new areas, so I took out my journal and began to jot down the best spots to make the most of our trip. Now, I try to not be too structured, because James loves the spontaneity of vacation life, but we have to compromise a little right?! So I jotted down a day to day (tentative) schedule to make sure we included it all. I am SO glad I did because instead of trying to decide spur of the moment where to eat, we already had the top places in mind. I don't know if that's something that you care about, but James and I are foodies, so this was the BEST thing. 

Well guys, this town was a DREAM. It's like a secret little hideaway that many, many people know about. We stayed in the cutest studio apartment above a couple of shops and restaurants (that I already jotted down, unknowingly, whaaat!!) through AirBnB and were walking distance to the beach.

When we arrived, we parked and headed to grab a late lunch at Pizza by the Sea. From there, I fell in love. Here are some snaps I took on Day O N E to share our little adventure.

For dinner, we ate at an all-you-can-eat crab restaurant called, Elmo's. What was supposed to be a 30 minute car ride, turned in to an hour. It's amazing what can happen if Google Maps doesn't know how to get you there-and neither does the hostess. We won't talk about it, but if you want to have all you can eat grab, Elmo's is the spot.

Day T W O

I woke up to my husband laughing out loud, watching Masterminds on the TV. I looked over at him and which he replied, "What, it's raining." I slowly got out of bed, grabbed a cup of coffee and my journal. I looked through it to see what we could do on a rainy day at the beach. The Airstream District. Perfect! We got in the car and headed to Seaside (about a 15 min. drive).

We walked around at the cutest shops and then ended up grabbing a bite to eat at Bud & Alleys right on the beach. We kicked around for a little bit, then headed back to see if we could snag an hour or two at the beach while the sun was peeking through. James decided this was his time to bring his 7ft. tall metal detector + metal shovel. I managed to take an Instagram story of how it all went down, but forgot to save it! I hope you were blessed enough to view it. If you weren't able to, I will add, James had his shovel taken up by beach security, but it didn't stop him from using his detector.

Many of you might wonder, did he find anything? No, not with the metal detector at least. He did find TWO pairs of sunglasses, a 20$ bill, two 1$ bills, and a spiderman-all on his own. I love this man.

We spent the evening at The Hub. We had some really good BBQ and even better Margeritas! We watched little kids run and dance around on the lawn in front of us for a bit and then called it a really good night.

XO, Meredith