Lately, I have been experiencing something called, patience. They say never to pray for patience, because if you do, you will be given opportunity...after opportunity, to practice patience. I don't know who "they" are, but it's so true!

This Summer I expected a couple of things to happen: A renovated kitchen & all the furnishings to make our home complete. What did our budget say? No...or not right now at least. As things in life don't go as planned, the planner in me wants to explode, but the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit reminds me of the word, 'timing.' His timing is planned too, but His timing is perfect.

When I think about past events, big and small, I think about what could have happened if my plans had trumped God's plans. What a disaster things would have turned out. 

If we would have pushed to renovate our kitchen when we initially planned, we would have had little money to (spur of the moment) both buy plane tickets to celebrate the life of James' grandma, Mina. Such a beautiful soul that was loved so deeply, by her friends & family. What a time to bring family together. Roller coasters of emotions, but there is beauty in the broken. Boston holds such a special place in our heart. Here are a few snaps of how we chose joy from mourning for our beloved, Mina.

I would give up my plans every. single. time if I knew I would miss out on these memories if I didn't. But, who wouldn't if they knew?! A lot of it comes from hindsight, but that is why I am so thankful God is greater.

If we receive everything we want when we want it, how can we appreciate things? Think about it. What's just one thing you realize if it would have gone your way, it would have been chaos? It's SO hard sometimes, but I believe so strongly, that the BEST things in life take time to grow and unfold according to His plan.

XO Meredith