In April, my husband and I decided to do something crazy to our bodies...we tried a 3 day juice cleanse. Now, my husband had done juicing before, so he knew where to start. We researched the best recipes, shopped for fruits & veggies, purchased the mason jars, and blended our first 2 days worth. Let me explain, 2 days worth...for 2 people....meant SIXTEEN jars of juice meals.

A juice cleanse is where you replace your meals, & consume fruits + veggies only, for a short period of time. It's supposed to rid your body of the processed foods, sugar, caffeine, etc., and jump start your body in to a more healthy way of eating. You are highly encouraged to drink 4 juices a day + half your weight in water (basically so you won't pass out).

Why do the fruits + veggies have to be juiced? It allows you to absorb all the nutrients & helps to "pre-digest" them.

How do you get your protein in while juicing? Your protein will come from the fruits & veggies (Ex: kale, spinach, romaine, peaches, strawberries - all have protein!)

We started out Monday strong, replacing our morning coffee with hot water + 1/4 lemon juice (supposed to jump start your system & improve digestion). I started on my first juice at 8:30am, during my little Firsties Math rotations. I was SO surprised, not one of my students commented on the yucky, green drink I was sipping on! I was feeling good at this moment. I promise they're working ;) .

By lunch, I stayed in my classroom because I was NOT about to be around tasty food. Drink #2 DONE! On my way home from teaching, I decided it WAS time for Drink #3, because I was feeling a little too lethargic...DONE! Little happened between getting home and James walking in the door from work because I was asleep. He looked rough. HA! By 5:30, James was in the kitchen cooking steak + veggies.

I have heard many people love juicing and recommend it. I have also heard friends who choose to supplement a meal or two and continue clean eating for the rest. James enjoys juicing and has done a week long before! The juice's weren't terrible either-here is where we gathered our recipes. 3 Day Juice Recipes

Overall, juicing was not for me. I enjoy food too much.  A couple week's later, I researched Whole 30, and our home hasn't looked the same since. I'll share more on this soon, but if you're curious enough, I'll leave you with some homework! Read --> WHOLE 30 RULES

XO Meredith