For about four months now, our family has started on a wellness journey. 

We always felt like we wanted to have a lifestyle of healthy living, but it seemed like something we talked about more than developing a change. Since college, I had developed an unhealthy fear. Fear of the worst possible scenarios. Fear of my dearest & most treasured people leaving this world at any given moment. Fear of movie theaters. Fear of driving long distances. Fear of flying. Fear of traveling. Fear of cancer. Fear of any minimal discomfort in my body. Fear. Anxiety. It was constant.

I was ashamed because I felt like this fear wouldn't be present if I had trust in my God. I sought out support and tried to make sense of these dark thoughts. Some days were worse than others and James would talk me through them. 

Because a huge part of my fears stemmed from thoughts about my health, I began to be REAL curious about my eating habits. If you have read my posts about our journey with Whole 30, you remember how life changing it was on my body. ZERO chest pain, ZERO stomach pain, and MINIMAL fear related to my health. Even when I strongly desired something other than meat, veggies, fruit, & la croix, I had this confidence in me that knew I was not only making a decision for my body, but for my mind & spirit.

During our journey to clean eating, I was in the midst of researching Young Living essential oils. I had recently gotten a Premium Starter Kit in the mail & wasn't sure where to begin, but I already knew I loved the idea of it. Young Living promises a Seed to Seal process giving the purest ingredients.


The more I researched, the more I discovered. There are ingredients in everyday things like dryer sheets, dish soap, and lotion that have been linked to cancer, infertility, and hormone imbalance. I had no idea.

The more I researched on Young Living, the more I found that it is WAY more than oils. Our family uses Young Living for pretty much everything (household cleaning, laundry, supplements, wellness support, beauty products, men's products). We don't have little ones yet, but there is an entire baby + kid's line. We have most recently started to use the animal scents line on Baloo & Mowgli.


We have been slowly switching out products for toxin free. We picked one room to focus on for 1-2 months and started turning over labels. I truly believe even the little bits of change have helped my spirit dramatically. We now use essential oils to care and support our bodies, before our bodies begin to feel yucky. I use them to support my hormones & emotions. We also use them during seasonal changes, throughout busy work days & supporting a good night's sleep. We receive our orders straight to our doorstep every month and it is one of my absolute favorite days of the month. The company itself is so generous and the team I have joined to support us on this wellness journey has been HUGE!


Not only has this contributed to our wellness, it has given me an outlet from my job and a space for personal growth (both mind & spirit). Caring more about a natural way of living has grounded me in my faith. I drop joy essential oil on my wrist every morning before work, breathe in and pray for wisdom for the day while teaching my firsties. I roll stress away on during the day, breathe in and pray for patience. I diffuse peace + calming when I get home, breathe in & reflect on the day. It only makes sense that I am connecting with my Father while using an oil from His creation. What a beautiful beautiful blessing this journey has been and will continue to be for our little family. 

I recommend to anyone the same way we got started, which is the Premium Starter Kit. You receive a wholesale membership, 11 of the most used oils, & a free diffuser. As a member you receive 24% off everything, forever (you don't even need to sell to receive it!). You will also join a team that you can be as much a part of as you want to. You can grab your starter kit HERE.

This is something I have become very passionate about, so I'd love to chat about it if you have questions!

XO Meredith