Do you have something in your life that you have a love/hate relationship with? Not a someone...a something. Something that is good for your soul, but in the moment, you are second guessing yourself? Then, reflect on that something, and you wished it wasn't over?

For me, this is camping. In the beginning of our relationship, I was "all about it," but really I just wanted any chance to be near James. My best friend, Tate, says it all too well in her speech at our rehearsal dinner, "James- thanks for being the person to get Mer outside more." James, calls what we did glamping......but we have very different versions of glamping.

To kick off the first weekend of September, we decided last minute to go camping. My idea of camping is in a park, where there are designated areas to set up camp. James' idea of camping is hiking until his internal compass points him to the right spot.  There are not many places we feel okay to bring our pups, so this was going to be the time to do it. James called a couple of campgrounds the night before, but ended up with no luck, due to the holiday weekend.

Saturday morning, we woke up with no plan, packed the car, and drove north to Clayton, GA. I'll save you from the panic I felt about not having a plan, but I went with it and there were only minor bumps!


Nice and buckled. Baloo and Mowgli like to compete on who is the neediest. Right here, Baloo is winning.


^^ Baloo winning again. ^^

When we arrived, we looked for a hiking trail and ended up pulling in to the easiest one to get to. Once we started, it become a hard no and we turned around. The trail was way too skinny + steep, with way too many hikers-and let's just say B + M aren't the best on their leashes at times...

We drove through a park or two and found the dreamiest campground!! (see only minor bumps!) The park said dogs need to be on a leash at all times...so James got creative and put them on a run. This way they could move back & forth across the line and they actually didn't seem to mind it!


After setting up camp, we headed in to town for some MUCH needed food.


We had dinner at Universal Joint, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Live music, amazing food, and all the stares because...well, Baloo. He is so popular. Dinner that night was one I will always remember. We stayed for awhile under the string lights and enjoyed conversation in shorts and a long sleeve. (Side note: Does anyone else feel at their best in shorts and a long sleeve?!)


Cutest picture EVER ^^


The celeb himself, SO not in to this pic.

// WHERE THINGS GOT INTERESTING // Drove back into the park to cap off the night with a fire. James ended up chopping down more wood for the fire, and walked in to his axe-slicing open his knee. I offered to take him to the hospital and of course he turned it down and started asking me for items in the car he could use to stop the bleeding. He ripped up a mickey mouse tank top (which was so sad) and made a tourniquet out of it. When it didn't stop, he asked for me three things: a water bottle, masking tape and Young Living hand purifier I had in my car...

James' knee closed up over night. I am pretty impressed with his survival skills. I'll say it over and over. I will always choose James as my person to survive in the wild with. always.


Sunday morning we woke up, all 4 of us in the tent and packed up the car. We couldn't find a breakfast place with outdoor seating for our pups, so we got in line...at McDonalds. We ended up getting a phone call from some friends who live in the area, inviting us to Chattooga Belle Farms to grab brunch. We zipped out of the line and ended up here.


^^I spy Baloo & Mowgli ^^


Drove home, with our souls restored + some very tired pups. Once again, camping becomes a love-memory.