New England Road Trip: NYC


It has been a while, but there have been some BIG things happening on this side of the computer since I last posted. We finished (eek!) our kitchen reno (more on that later), and I packed up my classroom home from the last four years and will be teaching first grade closer to home! Essential Oils + clean living continues to be a HUGE part of my daily life and we just came home from an eight day adventure down the coast of New England!!! Whew! Now that we are all caught up - here's a little peak into our trip.

Travel/Airplane necessities!! FAV chapstick!

Travel/Airplane necessities!! FAV chapstick!

For all the yuck during travels.

For all the yuck during travels.

For all the airplane scaries!

For all the airplane scaries!

James and I took an early morning flight out to New York City to stay with our friends who moved out to Manhattan. When we arrived, all of my organized dreams came true when our friend, Pat shared his itinerary for the next 12 hours. 12 hours in NYC is all we had. Then it was off to Portland! Since this was my first time with James in New York City, I wanted to soak up all the time we had in one of the dreamiest cities!



We walked through Central Park and did a (very) quick stroll as we listened to street musicians, saw a large snake to pet for $20, peaked at the Boathouse and took several snaps of alllll the things! We hit up Bethesda Fountain and James shot some film with his Go Pro + selfie stick. I am not sure I want to see all the videos he made, but I am sure it's worth taking a peak. Fingers crossed. We grabbed iced coffees (of course) in the middle of Central Park then headed to lunch at Parm in the Upper West Side. We had the tastiest lunch ever, and if you get a chance to go to NYC, go to Parm. 


Then it was time to see everyyything. I got my fan girl pictures of The Empire Hotel (AKA Chuck Bass' hotel- any GG fans!?), and we walked (I think) the entire High Line. To end our High Line hike, we stopped at the Biergarten for a quick drink. Amazing atmosphere (Pat you killed this tour). We also went to Columbus Circle! By this time, people were starting to leave work for the WEEKEND and it was time to meet up with Andrea (YAY!).

High Line

High Line

I have been to NYC a handful of times, but haven't been able to see the finished 9/11 memorial. Something about being AT the memorial is so so powerful. As you walk up and see flowers next to names to celebrate birthdays, and families placing their hand over their loved ones names. It rocks you to your core.

A little while later we made it to the Hudson River where we viewed the Statue of Liberty from a far (more on James' GoPro) and took in the magic of the city. We couldn't sit too long, because...itinerary!! Our next stop was Pier A in Battery Park. A couple of drinks and some good conversations and we were off to Stone Street (the best margs!), grabbed a slice of ZA at a grab & go place next door (highly recommend!), stopped by the Dead Rabbit, (where we saw Dane Cook. Actually I didn't see him. BUT EVERYONE ELSE DID), and ended at Times Square. 


Not even 24 hours in NYC and we killed it. Actually, The Gambles killed it. Well done friends!

See you in Portland.

XO, Meredith