Our Story

May 31, 2014. Year four as a mcconnell.

Hi! My name is Meredith and this is my cute husband, James. We live in Canton, GA with our jungle pups; Baloo & Mowgli. James and I met as YoungLife leaders in college. Although, we were on separate teams, I always eyed him from across the room at leader meetings. James was on his victory lap of college and I was just starting my Sophomore year. I like to joke that I made the first move by asking him to my sorority formal, but we all know his baby blues and sense of humor baited me first.

I teach cute little firsties and James is HPM at a construction company, Proserve Home Solutions (check em' out). We are both passionate about our jobs! James is a renaissance man (including woodworking all.the.things) and I grew up wanting to be a teacher since I can remember. We found our home church at Woodstock City and we have recently discovered opportunities to further our wellness through YoungLiving Essential Oils. We are slowly making choices that lead us to a healthy and happy home. I hope to see you more around here!


There's something about adventuring with this guy. He's like my very own tour guide...but most of the facts are made up.


The very first date he took me on, we canoed, down a river, for THREE hours. Bold move James. That's a lot of time to allow awkward silences. Luckily, I had to face forward in the canoe (you know to help navigate) and he would ask me questions like, "What super power would you want to have?." (All while I giggled and silently screamed out that I was on a one on one date with him.) If you're wondering, mine is to hear babies thoughts. His is to be in a place and then see it for what it was-decades or even centuries ago.

I think back to the dates and conversations we had, the way he pursued me and I am so thankful. I feel undeserving at times, that God has given me someone who is the husband and best friend I longed for. I always wondered what it would feel like to "know." To know this is my person. About a month in to dating James, I had just gotten back to my apartment, I closed the door, and fell to my knees, humbled before our God. I believed this man was (and is) my person. Almost 3 years in to dating, we were engaged, and 10 months later, married.